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Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board (CURB)

CURB's Top Gas Cases

CURB is involved in a number of cases throughout the year. Below are links to CURB filings in several major cases. You can also reach our archives page to view previous dockets CURB has filed pleadings in.

15-GIMG-343-GIG In the Matter of a General Investigation Regarding the Acceleration of Replacement of Natural Gas Pipelines Constructed of Obsolete Materials Considered to be a Safety Risk.

15-GIMX-344-GIV In the Matter of a General Investigation into the Appropriateness of Certain Sections of the Kansas Corporation Commission's Electric and Natural Gas Billing Standards (Billing Standards) Related to On-Premises Collections.

17-KGSG-455-ACT In the Matter of the Application of Kansas Gas Service, a Division of ONE Gas, Inc. for Approval of an Accounting Order to Track Expenses Associated with the Investigating, Testing, Monitoring, Remediating and Other Work Performed at the Manufactured Gas Plant Sites Managed by Kansas Gas Service.

18-GIMX-248-GIV In the Matter of a General Investigation Regarding the Effect of Federal Income Tax Reform on the Revenue Requirements of Kansas Public Utilities and Request to Issue an Accounting Authority Order Requiring Certain Regulated Public Utilities to Defer Effects of Tax Reform to a Deferred Revenue Account.

18-GIMX-273-COM In the Matter of the Complaint of the Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board, Against Kansas Electric, Natural Gas, Water, and Telecommunications Public Utilities Regarding Federal Income Tax Reform of 2018 and Its Effect on Jurisdictional Retail Utility Rates.