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Welcome to Kids' Curb

Hi Kids! Welcome to Kids' CURB! My name is Wally Watchdog and my job is to help keep watch over you and your family. To help me do that, I have provided you with this page of links to other awesome web sites containing fun and educational information, games and puzzles on topics such as energy, telecommunications, recycling, and internet safety, as well as helpful tips to save energy. So, dig right in and let me know if you have any questions by e-mailing me at ecurb@curb.kansas.gov. I would love to hear from you!

Tips for Kids

  • Turn off the lights whenever you leave your bedroom, bathroom, or any other room!
  • Turn off your radio, t.v., computer, and video games when you are done using them!
  • Take short showers! They use less hot water, and water in general, than a bath.
  • Check for problems like dripping faucets. It takes energy to heat water!
  • Decide what you want from the refrigerator before opening the door and then close the door quickly afterwards!
  • If you are cold in the house, don't ask your mom or dad to turn up the thermostat; instead, try wearing a sweater or sweatshirt, socks and/or house slippers, and flannel pants!

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