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Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board (CURB)

KCC’s Pandemic Customer Protection Requirements Will End After March 2023

February 22, 2023

Since May 2020, jurisdictional electric, natural gas, and water utilities under the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) have been required to offer 12-month payment plans for arrearages and waive late fees for any residential or small commercial customer that experienced negative financial impact during the COVID-19 pandemic. These customer protections were to be the minimum customer protections offered.

In January 2023 the Commission discontinued the minimum customer protections it established during the COVID-19 pandemic, to take effect at the end of March 2023. Although utilities’ policies can differ, it is CURB’s understanding that the majority of utilities intend to resume charging late fees after March 31. The discontinuation of the minimum protections may also alter payment plan policies, depending on the utility. If you believe you may be impacted by these changes, we recommend contacting your utility to speak with a representative. You can also contact CURB with any pertinent questions through e.curb@curb.kansas.gov, or by calling (785) 271-3200.

For more information you can read the Commission’s January 10, 2023, Order in KCC Docket No. 20-GIMX-393-MIS.