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CURB is committed to providing efficient and effective legal and technical representation for residential and small commercial utility ratepayers and to ensure that utilities are allowed to charge only just and reasonable rates to Kansans.

February Fuel Prices
Natural Gas Companies
Atmos Energy $0.34214/Ccf
Black Hills Energy (formerly Aquila) $0.40120/Therm
Midwest Energy-K $0.335073/Therm
Midwest Energy-M $0.376694/Therm
Midwest Energy-T $0.264269/Therm
Electric Companies (ECA)
Empire Electric $0.02717/kWh
Evergy Kansas Central (formerly Westar) $0.017796/kWh
Evergy Kansas Metro (formerly KCPL) $0.01698/kWh
Midwest Energy-M $(0.00600)/kWh
Midwest Energy-W $(0.00600)/kWh
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