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Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board (CURB)

Public Hearings

What are Public Hearings?

Public Hearings are held to allow utility customers the opportunity to provide comments on a pending case before the Commissioners, Staff, and CURB.

How do Public Hearings work?

A Commissioner will usually be seated at the front of the room and will begin the hearing by introducing the case and the parties present. A court reporter will also be there to swear in witnesses and to record the testimony presented. Representatives of the utility and other parties to the case will often be available to explain elements of the case or to answer questions.

After opening the public hearing and providing basic instructions, the Commissioner will invite public comment. Customers of the utility and other interested persons may take turns providing statements on the record. If there is a sign-up sheet, witnesses will be called in the order in which they have signed in.

How can I participate at a Public Hearing?

  • Come early.
  • Sign up. Look for a sign-in sheet and sign up if you wish to testify.
  • Be sworn in. Your testimony will only be made part of the record if you are sworn in as a witness.
  • Focus your comments. It is helpful to prepare your remarks ahead of time. You may want to write out your statement and ask to read it into the record at the hearing.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. Your testimony is important, so make sure you can be heard.
  • Add your own experience. When you testify, give specific examples to support the issues you address.
  • Questions. The Commissioner or one of the parties may want to ask you questions about your testimony. Listen carefully to the question and answer it the best you can. It's okay if you don't know the answer.

What if I cannot attend the Public Hearing?

If you are unable to attend, you can still provide your comments by contacting the Kansas Corporation Commission by phone, e-mail, or mail (see below). Comments should reference the appropriate docket number.

Mail:Kansas Corporation Commission
Public Information Office
1500 S.W. Arrowhead Road
Topeka, KS 66604