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What is "Slamming"?

Slamming is the illegal practice of changing your local or long distance telephone service without your knowledge or permission.

What to do if you have been slammed

  • If you choose to call the slamming company to request that the problem be fixed, and you have not yet paid your bill, tell the slamming company that you will not pay for the first 30 days of service.
  • If you have paid your bill, the slamming company must pay your authorized company 150% of the charges it received from you. Out of that amount, your authorized company will then reimburse you 50% of the charges you paid. With these rules, the FCC has taken the profit out of slamming.
  • Call your authorized company (local or long distance) to inform them of the slam. Tell them that you want to be reinstated to the same calling plan you had before the slam and to remove all "change of carrier charges" from your bill.
  • File a complaint with the Office of Public Affairs & Consumer Protection of the Kansas Corporation Commission using one of the following options:
    Phone:(785) 271-3140 (Topeka)
    1-800-662-0027 (toll-free)
    Fax:(785) 271-3111
    TTD Kansas Relay Center:1-800-766-3777
    Mail:KCC-Consumer Protection
    1500 S.W. Arrowhead Road
    Topeka KS 66604-4027